Analysis of Thermal Paper Industry in 2022

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Brief Analysis of Thermal Paper Industry
The domestic thermal paper output increased to 490,000 tons, and the number of manufacturers increased to more than 40. Thermal paper is when energy (thermal energy) is given to the surface coating of the paper. The color-developing substances in it undergo physical or chemical changes to produce discoloration to obtain images, hence the name thermal paper.

According to the 2019-2025 China thermal paper industry market development model survey and investment trend analysis research report. At present, the distribution of my country’s thermal paper industry is relatively concentrated, mainly in Central China, East China and South China 34.5%, 31.6%, and 18.9%.

Benefiting from the growing market demand and the continuous improvement of thermal coating formulation technology and thermal paper processing technology. My country’s thermal paper industry has developed rapidly. With the development of thermal paper technology, its application scope has also continued to expand. In addition to the traditional application fields, with the development of the express delivery industry in recent years, express delivery has become another major consumption area of thermal paper.

In addition, with the development of high-speed facsimile, the sensitivity of color thermal paper has been greatly improved. On the other hand, in order to improve image preservation, efforts are being made to achieve high speed and high sensitivity of thermal transfer.

China’s thermal paper market has grown into an important part of the global market. The development of various industries in my country, the market demand for thermal paper will continue to increase. The market size will reach 7.585 billion yuan.

In terms of demand for thermal paper in my country is about 560,000 tons, an increase of nearly 100,000 tons over the previous year, and the growth is very rapid. In recent years, due to the expanding demand in the application field, the demand for thermal paper has maintained a high growth trend, and this growth trend is expected to continue in the next few years.