Which envelope is better, kraft paper or double offset paper

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Many people wander between kraft paper and double-adhesive paper when printing envelopes. Many people even think that there is not much difference between the two, but Xiaoguan found out after learning about these two kinds of paper in detail. There are essential differences. We will combine various aspects to explain which envelope is better for kraft paper and double-adhesive paper.

First give the conclusion: the cost of envelopes made of double-adhesive paper is much lower than that of kraft paper, but the disadvantage of double-adhesive paper is that the bursting resistance and tensile strength are not enough, and the envelopes made are easy to break.

The smoothness of the paper surface of kraft paper is not as good as that of double-adhesive paper, but the advantages of kraft paper are high burst resistance, good tensile strength, high paper density, and good water resistance. Compared with double-adhesive paper, kraft paper is more suitable for printing envelopes.

The difference between kraft paper and double-adhesive paper:

1. The gram weight of kraft paper is generally 60~180 grams, while the weight of double-adhesive paper is generally 60~120 grams. This is the gram weight under normal circumstances, and it is very common for double-adhesive paper to have a relatively high gram weight, such as 150, 180, 300 grams, etc., while kraft paper is generally thicker or less.

2. The production components of kraft paper and double-adhesive paper are still different. Kraft paper is generally made of all wood pulp, and there are many kinds of wood pulp used in double-adhesive paper.

3.Kraft paper and double-adhesive paper still have some differences in printing and use. Both kraft paper and double-adhesive paper can be used for printing. Generally speaking, so far, many people are still willing to use double-adhesive paper for printing because of low cost and brightness, but kraft paper printing is no less than double-adhesive paper, because kraft paper is It is relatively environmentally friendly, and the printed effect is also very beautiful. As for the use, kraft paper can be used as paper bags, envelope bags, handbags, wrist bags and other food packaging bags. The double-adhesive paper is generally used for the cover of books.