Thermal paper contains bisphenol A (BPA)? Can thermal paper still be used?

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The thermal paper of the portable thermal paper printer on the Internet contains bisphenol A, and many customers have inquired about this kind of problem. What is thermal paper? What is Bisphenol A? Do portable printers still work? Today I will talk to you about these things about portable printers.


Thermal paper contains bisphenol A (BPA)? Can thermal paper still be used?


How does thermal paper develop color?


Thermal paper is widely used. For example, the most common one is the receipts we usually print in supermarkets and convenience stores. If you post them in the circle of friends, you will get an instant discount of 60 yuan. How much can you reduce in your articles? It is to coat a layer of heat-sensitive paint on ordinary paper. This layer of heat-sensitive paint is mainly composed of leuco dyes and color-developing agents, among which the color-developing agent is bisphenol A. When the temperature reaches above 70°C, the leuco dye and the developer begin to react, and the paper will gradually develop color, and the heating process is completed in the printer.


What is Bisphenol A?


BPA, also known as bisphenol A, has been rejected for the past 10 years, especially by the European Union and North America, mainly because it is a typical endocrine disruptor. It has the effect of estrogen-like hormones, which will affect the reproductive development of the human body, especially babies, which is very similar to the ophthalmic we often say. BPA was often used on baby bottles and food containers before, so the European Union and the United States have banned the use of BPA on food containers such as baby bottles.


Do portable printers still work?


Practice is the only criterion for testing the truth. We purchased a Miaomiao machine and two matching papers from the official flagship store. The difference between the papers lies in the length of time for taking pictures and the weight of the paper, because the national standard for thermal paper is GB/T28210-2011 In , there is no BPA-related bill, so we refer to the EPA (US Environmental Protection Agency/Agency) method to test the BPA contained in thermal paper.


It can be seen that bisphenol A does exist in thermal paper, but there is no suitable standard value for reference. We simply simulate the actual scene to calculate. Generally, the parts that normally touch thermal paper are fingers. The area of ​​the belly of the finger is about 5cm, and the weight of the paper contacted is 0.029g calculated according to the paper of 58g/m². If all the BPA in the contacted paper completely migrates to the skin with sweat, it will migrate about 0.029*4.8, That is 0.1392μg, the contact time of thermal paper is not long, will BPA migrate all?


Some literatures point out that about 30% of BPA migrates to the skin under the condition of contact for several seconds, so it continues to be converted to 0.1392μg*0.3, that is, 0.04176μg migrated. Of course, this is only an estimated value. At present, for BPA The international consensus has not yet been fully unified. Therefore, Xiaobian recommends that users who are not at ease can wash their hands after use, especially before meals. This is a very good habit. If you need to purchase BPA Free Thermal Paper and are looking for a suitable BPA Free Thermal Paper manufacturer, you might as well take a look at Suzhou Guanhua.