How to set the size of the express face sheet?

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The express electronic face slip printing method is to print the face slip by using a thermal printer to print thermal paper. With the influx of express single pieces, the size of different types of express face sheets is also different, so how to set the size of these express face sheets? We are the leading thermal paper supplier. Next, the editor will give you an answer.


How to set the size of the express face sheet?


The electronic sheet printed by the thermal printer has only the upper and lower links and the copy link. The printing speed is 4-6 times that of the ordinary paper sheet, which greatly reduces the pressure of large-scale billing. If there is a printing error, etc. Only the thermal paper will be damaged, and no other effects will be caused. The following are the currently more common express electronic face single sizes collected by editor:


What is the size of the express electronic face slip?

Tiktok electronic single size (SF Express): 10*15 or 10*18cm;

Electronic face single size : Best Express, Home Express: 10*18cm;

Superior speed electronic surface sheet: 10*15cm;

Postal Express (EMS) electronic face sheet: 10*15cm.


How to set the size of express electronic face single?


1.) Click Start and find Devices and Printers;

2.) Select the printer, right-click the mouse – Printer Preferences – Advanced – Set Paper Specifications.

3.) Go back to the printer and right-click the printer–printer properties–advanced–printer defaults–advanced–set the paper size to the desired size and confirm.

4.) Go back to the printer properties–device settings–set the paper feeding method to the required size and set the paper specifications.


Electronic face sheet printer refers to a printer device specially used to print express face sheet. According to the different types of printing paper, it can be divided into traditional paper printers and electronic sheet printers. According to the working principle of the printer, the two types of printer devices for printing traditional paper and electronic face sheets are dot matrix printers and thermal printers.